Committed Teams: Three Steps to Inspiring Passion and Performance is based on a deceptively simple philosophy: set a direction, try to stay on track, and make adjustments when necessary. Easy to do? Hardly--especially when the typical workday is time-crunched, stressful, and deadline-driven. Drawing on research done at the Wharton School of Business, the authors reveal how to deliver results under these tough conditions.

Tested and refined in Wharton's Executive Development Program, Committed Teams will help you gain buy-in for shared objectives, assign roles to the right people, and establish norms for effective collaboration. Whether your team aims to execute a strategy, produce breakthrough innovations, collaborate across global boundaries, or launch a new venture, this how-to guide offers the pragmatic advice you need. Engaging stories and illustrative examples from business, entertainment, sports, and the arts bring the three-step process to life.

This game-changing book provides the tools for:

  • Aligning every member of your team behind a motivating vision
  • Making team meetings efficient and productive
  • Closing the gap between stated goals and actual behaviors

If you want to be competitive in a demanding, fast-paced work environment, you need to rely on a high-performing team. Committed Teams is the indispensable resource for creating one.


“Committed Teams starts with a simple insight--that the fundamentals of good teamwork are easy to understand but tough to put into practice. It's full of engaging stories and practical advice for closing the knowing-doing gap.”

~ Adam Grant

“As an NFL executive and former 15-year professional player, I know the power of a team. The authors have broken down teamwork to an understandable science that will inform all who seek to master the art of working together for a common goal.”

~ Troy Vincent, Sr.