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Mario brought a fresh and unique perspective to the strategic work he did with my organization. Mario is a quick study and can ask probing questions in a way that challenges but does not threaten clients who may have grown comfortable with business-as-usual.  He helped re-orient the organization around a revised mission that focused our priorities and has paid significant dividends in the last two years.

- Paul R. Levy, President & CEO, Center City District

We engaged Mario to help us to understand why our growth had stalled and to help chart a path forward.  In a very short time, he was able to uncover many of the root causes of the problem and provided constructive steps that we should take to position ourselves for further growth.  By following his constructive recommendations, we are now experiencing much more activity, and expect to see exponential growth again in our fourth year.  Moussa Consulting was a pleasure to work with, and was extremely responsive to our questions and concerns. I would highly recommend their services to any company seeking to improve its position in the marketplace.

– Ellen Lutz, President and CEO, Clean Markets

Mario is an exemplary consultant in three key areas:

  • Content expertise. Mario’s knowledge of organizational systems proved to be invaluable at various points during the projects on which he worked with us.  Just as important, Mario was able to share this content expertise in a non-threatening manner that gave encouragement to the members of the groups with which he worked.
  • Facilitation skills. Mario was able to deftly assist us in determining the best way for us to come to conclusions about the issues with which we were contending.
  • Neutral party. Our organization was involved in some very challenging projects that needed to bring together numerous members and staff with differing viewpoints.  Mario was able to interject his view about certain issues, providing an “outsider’s perspective” which enabled the groups to come to conclusions on challenging issues.

Beyond these three specific areas, Mario is simply a pleasure to work with.  His working style and manner are important reasons we were able to be so successful on the projects with which he assisted us.  Our organization has made major progress on multiple fronts in the past number of years.  And Mario and associates get a large amount of credit for this growth.

- John D. Barnes, CEO, American Physical Therapy Association